Worth the Risk (Entangled Indulgence) by Robin Bielman

worth the risk

Samantha Bennett is a freelance agent for Global Site. She was on her way to a meeting with the owner of another company to try and secure a contract with them in order to preserve sites along Roue 66.

Unknown to her, her competition is someone that she had a summer fling with around 5 years ago. Someone that she loved and never really got over. Dean Malloy entered the elevator at the same time she did and she instantly got nervous. But she refused to let this get in the way of securing the contract.

William Malloy is the owner of the company. But rest assured, he wasn’t just going to hand the contract over to his son Dean. He had to work for it just like Samantha had too. They each have their meetings with him.

Sam goes to leave the building but Dean stops her and asks her out for a drink and she agrees. Things go from there.

Do things end up being good or bad? What happens between the two of them at the bar? Who ends up with the contract for their company? What happens after the announcement of who receives the contract?



Even though this book is only 99 pages, it packs a wallop in it’s pages. This is something that could happen everyday if you really think about it. I liked this story because it is something that could be realistic and not something so far out there that it’s not possible.


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99 pages