Seven Psychics (Shifter Squad #1) by J.C. Diem

Seven Psychics

This book was awesome! Alexis, or Lexi as she likes to be called, is a great sniper. Her father is the best sniper that the Army has and he has trained her well. She is 17 years old, only a few months shy of being 18. Her father, Phillip, is on a mission somewhere so she’s home alone by herself. Each day she goes to the Army base and uses the indoor and outdoor range. On this particular fateful day that will ultimately change her life, she is at the range showing off, which she knows her father would disapprove of it he was there.

After going inside the indoor range after retrieving her target, she is approached by a fan and then by a man wearing a suit whom she pegs as a fed since he’s the only one dumb enough to be wearing a jacket in the Texas heat. Not knowing who he is, she is cautious and refuses to leave the indoor range with him. He makes a call and talks to her father before he hands the phone over to her. They talk a minute or two and then she leaves with him since her father knows him and trusts him.

He lets her drive the SUV to her house. She packs a bag for a while and they go to the base and board a private jet. They eventually make it back to the private base where she’ll be staying with Mark and the three others in his squad. Lexi is about to get thrown into a world in which she didn’t know existed, the paranormal. There was an institution break the week before. Seven people with psychic abilities broke out and were on the run but weren’t leaving Denver since that’s where they lived prior to being locked up.

Each of them is named for a deadly sin since they each make their victims out one of the sins. They are each slowly and systematically taken out but not without some casualties along the way. What all happens along the road to taking out these menaces to society? Who all gets caught in the crosshairs? And how does this temporary arrangement turn into a full-time one? Who is going to survive the wrath of Lexi’s father when he gets back home and who will meet their end?


This book was awesome. I bought it yesterday and was so in love with the description and idea of this book that I started reading it immediately.  I finished it earlier today and I seriously can’t wait until I have money to get the rest of the books in this series! It’s that amazing! The rest of the books are going at the TOP of my wishlist and will remain there. This book has it all. The deadly sins, guns, fighting, love (even if not reciprocated).


Kindle: $0.00 (Normally $0.99) Not sure how long this price will last so hurry to get yours now!