Web Master (Shifter Squad #8) by J.C. Diem

Web Master

Web Master is the eighth book in the Shifter Squad series by author J.C. Diem.  The books get better and better as they go! I was honestly stunned when I read who the main villain has been this whole time. And how long the treachery has been going on. I didn’t see it coming but once you learn who it is and realize stuff said and done in the last several books, it makes sense although it doesn’t add up on it’s own until you realize it! I laughed and cried while reading this book and was totally creeped out since there were spiders involved in this book. While reading it, I seriously felt like I had spiders crawling all over me.

I can’t wait to see where the ninth and final book of the series takes us when it’s released in March. I hope Lexi is able to succeed with her mission but right now, I’m not so sure that she’s going to be able to succeed. I’ll just have to wait and read the last book when it comes out later this year!!


This book is full of treachery. The Track and Kill Squad is summoned to PIA Headquarters. This is unusual since only those with level eight clearance is allowed there. Everyone but Mark are all level fives. They make it to headquarters and are given a bunch of information on EERI buildings. EERI needs to be eliminated and who better to do it than the TAK squad. But usually the “O” (Obliteration) Squad takes care of that. So it was kind of suspicious that the TAK squad was directed here. Too late they realize it was a set-up.

Kendricks, the leader of the O Squad, ends up being killed by a demon that was raised from Hell itself. The demon ends up killing Zeus, Lexi’s Rottweiler friend. Lexi is filled with rage. Her werewolf backs down and the vampire and necromancer parts of her work together. Together they end up summoning ghosts and killing the demon. Then, they bring Zeus back from the dead. He’s still Zeus but he’s something much more different and terrifying now. We learn more about what he’s become when the team goes back to the PIA headquarters.

All hell breaks loose at the PIA headquarters. Part of Zeus’ powers, which I’m sure there are more, are revealed. A zombie and ghost within the PIA’s walls and shields are revealed by Lexi and the team. A demon appears. The mastermind behind all the deception and the orchestrator of the appending apocalypse is revealed. We learn part, as again I’m sure there’s more, of Laurylane’s gift to the TAK Squad, including Mark.


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212 pages

Vampire Matriarch (Shifter Squad #7) by J.C. Diem

Vampire Matriarch

This is the seventh book in the Shifter Squad series by author J.C. Diem. This series gets better as it goes. We have several new characters in this book and I honestly don’t like any of them except Lauryl. While most of them are exterminated, not all are and I wish they would be taken out by the TAK squad but who knows, they might be. 🙂

Lexi takes off on her suicide mission to kill her mother. But it doesn’t work out the way that she had planned. Katrina and her minions end up getting the best of her and she becomes the first true hybrid. She’s part vampire, part wolf and part necromancer but she doesn’t understand where the necromancer comes from. (We learn about it later in this book and was I shocked at reading it!)

Lexi ends up wanting to cause Reece the same pain he caused her so she was originally going to wipe out his entire pack. But then changes to where she wants him made into a hybrid like her and he can suffer the same fate as her. When she became the hybrid, she became emotionless and didn’t care about anything. Only her plan backfired on her. He wasn’t emotionless. Instead he felt it all. He admits to Lexi that he wasn’t in control of his mind and that he really did love her. Only she doesn’t believe him.

Things are strained between them. They end up following Katrina to take out a rival vampire nest only it turns out to be Mark, Kala, Flynn, Phillip and a Necromancer. Katrina and her nest, minus Lexi and Reece are killed. Lexi and Reece are kidnapped by a woman clad in leather who we later learn was a champion of Fate’s in another version of Earth who had been sent there to talk to Reece and Lexi. She lets Lexi into Reece’s memories and Lexi gets a glimpse of a reason why Reece didn’t want to get too close to her.


This story was a good one to read. Fate has been brought into it and this is definitely going to be getting much better as the series goes. I can’t wait until the 8th book comes out and I can read it as well. Reece is back in my good graces after this book but Lexi remains my favorite character. I like the introduction of one of the new people….the others I’m not so sure about.


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Corpse Thieves (Shifter Squad #5) by J.C. Diem


This book was ah-mazing! Let’s face it, I’m addicted to J.C. Diem’s Shifter Squad series. I’ll hopefully have books six and seven in the next day or two to be able to read and review them as well! And then it’ll be time for her Mortis Vampire series. Haha. I’m liking this series the more I read it and I honestly hope it never ends. 😀 While I’m liking Lexi, Flynn and Kala more each book I’m really starting to not like Reece and I’m not sure on Mark after reading this book. I will say that I’m not sure I’m liking the way that Lexi and Reece’s personalities are changing in this book. They went from strong and likable characters to Lexi being needy and Reece being an ass. Not sure I’m liking the changes but we’ll see where they go.


The TAK Squad manages to capture the rogue shifter, which turns out to be Reece’s younger brother, Gareth. Turns out that Reece’s real name is Garrett. Mark didn’t want to completely strip him of his old life and left his real name as his last name. This makes Reece resent Mark for taking him from his family as new information comes to light. After dealing with and meeting his mother and pack, the TAK Squad leaves there to get a break and let Reece think about his looming decisions.

This book sees the TAK Squad heading for New Orleans at first to find Lexi’s mom to destroy her and stop the taint in her and Reece’s blood that’s slowly killing them. On the way there, they are re-routed to Oklahoma. Corpses are going missing from morgues and then children start going missing.  Finding Lexi’s mom is put on a back burner as the kidnappings are more pressing. Turns out that they are dealing with ghouls and are in a town that has werelions and other werecats inhibiting it.

When Lexi and Kala are checking out one of the cemeteries, some werelions show up and the Rex, aka alpha, orders Kala to go with him and she obliges, not really knowing what she’s doing. Lexi is swallowed up into the earth by ghouls pulling her down. She barely makes it out of there alive but not without realizing that she’s more abnormal than she was before. Reece and her renew their bond when he gets to the cemetery. Their bond magic heals Lexi as she was only minutes away from dying from blood loss.


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222 pages

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Rogue Wolf (Shifter Squad #4) by J.C. Diem

Shifter Squad

This is the fourth book in the Shifter Squad series by Author J.C. Diem.

Lexi, Reece and the others return in the fourth installment. They are still staying at the inn from book three as they realize they’re going to be in the area longer. It’s Thanksgiving day. Everyone, except Kala, goes to where the body mentioned at the end of book three was found. They realize that it’s a succubus they’re dealing with. Not only do they have the succubus to worry about, they also have the rogue wolf to contend with. Lexi and Reece are sent to scout the camp area in Kentucky while the others stay in West Virginia at the base there, having left the inn after Kala’s disastrous Thanksgiving dinner.

Lexi and Reece split up during the search of the woods. Lexi gets visited by a park ranger who turns out to be a werebear but neither realizes it before he tries to kill her. In all fairness, she did pull her gun on him first. Lol. They start combing the woods while Mark is at the compound with Kala and Flynn trying to find the rogue wolf’s clan and where they’re hiding. Turns out the rogue wolf also has them under surveillance and he gets way too close for Lexi’s liking.


I think I’ve liked this book the best so far. You get more of a glimpse into Reece’s life as well as Lexi’s. You learn more about Kala, Flynn and Mark as well. I’m liking them all more and more as the series goes on. Definitely going to be looking forward to the fifth book in the series.


316 pages

$3.99 on Kindle

$11.99 in Paperback