Product Review: Peppermint Essential Oil by Simply Earth


Peppermint, like so many other scents, can be very overpowering to the senses. However, compared to my mom’s peppermint oil she uses, this is very mild, which I really like. (I’m not a HUGE peppermint fan at all.) This scent doesn’t overpower my nose and it doesn’t give me a headache like some others do.

It comes in a 15ml amber bottle. The amber bottle helps protect the oil inside and keeps it from degrading due to light. There is a dropper included in the bottle.

Peppermint is famous for helping with digestion issues including an upset stomach and irritable bowel syndrome. It can also aide with oral problems including bad breath. It’s a versatile oil and one that is worthy of keeping on hand if you like using oils!

7.5% of each purchase through the Simply Earth website goes to a charity that changes each month. A 15ml bottle can be purchased for $6 on their website.

***I received a bottle in exchange for my opinion***

Product Review: Lemon Essential Oil by Simply Earth


I love using essential oils. I have several. This is the first lemon I’ve actually used myself. Sometimes lemon can have such a strong scent that it quits being nice and refreshing and becomes overpowering to the senses. This oil by Simply Earth doesn’t have that issue. It’s a very mild citrus and lemon scent.

There are many benefits to using a lemon essential oil including oral health, stopping nausea and making your skin feel great. Along with those it can help calm a cough as well.

This oil is 100% all-natural and doesn’t include any fillers. What I like is that 7.5% of each purchase is donated to a charity each month.

I will definitely be sticking with this lemon oil. It can be purchased on Simply Earth’s website for $6 per 15ml bottle which is a good price point.

***I received a bottle in exchange for my honest opinion***