Sky1 – Foundation (Sky #1) by William Amerman



I received this book free in exchange for an honest review.


Nick should technically be dead. He was on level 55 during the Muldoin episode. But he made it out alive. Now, he is looking for a story. He is a journalist. He was writing an article on how they were actually in a walled off section of a place called Earth and that there was more outside of their area for them. There are many levels to their “world”, each one a little worse than the last. The farther down you are, the more aggression there is. So you really want a higher level number.

Nick is married to Jane and they have a son, Simon. Nick decides he wants a better life for himself and Simon, Jane only because she’s his sons mother. They are married but bicker all the time. Nick has cheated on Jane just as Jane has cheated on Nick. Nick gets involved in a questionable operation that goes horribly wrong. One of the men sacrifices himself and blows up the building they are in and takes out a bunch of SP – special police.

Nick escapes by some sort of chemical tunnel. He meets up with Storme, another man in on the operation and his best friend. They eventually make it back home but not before a TON of stuff happens to them and they end up separated, again. Once Nick makes it to his house and he goes to leave, Carmen, Storme, Jane and Simon are ready to go. The area they live in has been quarantined and there is no one going in or out of it. But Storme and Nick made it back in the quarantined area. Not easily but they made it.

Now, they need a new plan on getting out. Nick comes up with one. They eventually run into a couple of the other men who had been involved in the operation and Nick almost knocks them both out, simply out of rage. They make it to the immigration office and then things to even more wrong.


There is a ton of stuff going on in this book. I liked reading it. This book is classified as dystopian/post-apocalyptic but I see it more as a thriller than either of those. Maybe later in the series is where the dystopian/post-apocalyptic part comes in. I would like to read the rest of the series and will hopefully be getting it in the future to finish. Overall a good read. It does jump back and forth for a while on who they are following but it’s easy to figure out who it is.


266 pages

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