Of Wolves and Dragons (Sold to the Alpha #6) by Cara Wylde

cara wylde


This is the last book in the Sold to the Alpha series by Cara Wylde.


Avelyn, Max, Karl, Jocelyn and others are summoned to council chambers when one of Sabine’s wolves comes forward and tells her tale. Max and Karl lose their advisory positions but are lucky because they weren’t sentenced to death. The council decides there will be a trial set for two months from then. In the mean time, they all need to relax and get their stories as straight and on point as possible.

Avelyn is really pregnant at this point and it’s uncomfortable for her to sit there through the questioning and through all the trails. She eventually has her child but is it a boy or girl? And is it shifter or human?


I loved this book. I kept the overview of the book short because I really don’t want to give away too much in this book. Let’s just say, that people end up getting what’s coming to them. This book was awesome to read. I was glued to my computer screen while writing it. Cara Wylde’s style of writing is great. Now that this series is over with, I will have to hope for a spinoff series following Karl, cause let’s face it, I love the bad boy. 😀 I will also have to keep my eye out for her other series, Lure Academy, to be updated as well. The first two books are available in the Lure Academy series.


86 pages

$2.99 on Kindle

I paid 99 cents on promo

Call of Revenge (Sold to the Alpha #5) by Cara Wylde

call of revenge


I love this series. I’ve already reviewed the previous books in this series and they can be found on my blog. 🙂

Sabine is still on the run. Christine thinks she can get through to her and make it to where Sabine will calm down and forget her revenge on Max and Avelyn. Avelyn finally breaks down and lets Christine know that Sabine hates her even more than she does Max and Avelyn. Christine thinks that Sabine is just misguided in her intentions and won’t listen to Avelyn tell her otherwise.

One of the betas and some of the others in the schloss realize Sabine is building a rogue clan. Max decides that the schloss is too big for all the wolves to be able to protect Avelyn and the baby and that Sabine knows the castle too well. So he takes her back to Alma Venus, the one place that she never thought she’d be taken back too. She is glad to be back with her friends, minus one person.

Max leaves his two deltas, Caleb and Daniel, there to help protect Avelyn, the baby and the school. Sabine shows up the second night and things escalate quickly. A dragon named Viggo ends up showing up to help out with protecting Avelyn and the baby. He knows that since there is a cure for werewolf venom then they could create a cure for dragon venom. Dragons live far longer than others shifters. His alpha has been in a deep sleep for over 700 years and doesn’t plan on waking up from it. There are only three dragons awake.

Things get stirred up when Viggo ends up setting part of the school on fire. The madam of the school locks them all in the office and manages to convince the fire team not to investigate it. They all make a plan to have all the clans of the werewolves outside the school grounds with Viggo inside with Avelyn to protect her should one of the rogue wolves or foxes get into the school grounds.


This was a great continuation in the Sold to the Alpha series by Cara Wylde. Each book sheds light on who the people are more and more. I don’t like one of the deaths in the battle but we know there had to be some sacrifices. The others I could live with. (Had she killed two of my favorites, I would have cried.)

This is an awesome author who knows how to write and keep her audience intrigued and flipping pages. Can’t wait for the sixth and final part to come out! Highly recommend this author and her other series as well.


78 pages

$2.99 on Kindle


A Cure for the Broken (Sold to the Alpha #4) by Cara Wylde


Avelyn, Max and the others return in the fourth installment of the “Sold to the Alpha” series by Cara Wylde.

We know from book three that Avelyn was bitten by Sabine to turn her into a wolf so that she couldn’t have children and couldn’t give Max what he wanted most. But Sabine was wrong. What Max wants most isn’t children, it’s Avelyn. He truly loves her.

A doctor comes and checks on Avelyn to make sure the wound is healing properly, which it is. He also learns a small something and tells Max, Jocelyn and Karl before Avelyn. Max tries to tell Avelyn but he just can’t so the doctor ends up telling her. She’s pregnant. There is a 98% chance she’ll loose the baby when she turns for the first time and a 2% chance that she won’t but that’s not to guarantee the baby would be healthy if it survived. Avelyn bans them all from her room, especially Christine.

We all knew Christine was up to something but just not sure what. I still think she has something up her sleeve that hasn’t come out yet. (But that’s just my opinion.) Later, after Avelyn calms down, her and Max talk. She discloses everything from the time she was brought to the Schloss up until she was bitten. Max understands why she did what she did and only blames himself because he wasn’t forthright with her. Later, he comes clean and fills her in on the truth about Sabine and why she was locked up.

We also learn that people are going missing from towns close to where the Schloss is. But things are in the works. Also, we learn of a possible cure for people who were bitten by shifters.


This is a good book. I sure didn’t expect the few twists that were thrown in there.

$2.99 on Kindle

93 pages

Night of the She-Wolf (Sold to the Alpha #3) by Cara Wylde

she wolf

“Night of the She-Wolf” is the third book in the “Sold to the Alpha” series by Cara Wylde.

Avelynn is still determined to get away from Schloss Blackmane. She meets Karl for the first time in this book and provides some insight on the vulpes or the foxes. The wolves are trying to figure out what the vulpes are up to and with some insight from Avelynn, think they have it figured out.

They’ve pushed back the mating ritual once. And Avelynn wants to push it back again but Max doesn’t want to budge. Avelynn continues to sneak down to the dungeons and talk to Sabine, the other bride.  Avelynn and Sabine cook up a scheme to get Max to agree to push the mating ritual back another month. And he agrees to it. Happy that Avelynn is taking a liking to how she wants to present herself to the other wolves of the Blackmane clan.

Avelynn and Sabine break out of the dungeons and out into the woods surrounding the schloss. But Avelynn knows that something is wrong. Sabine doesn’t seem normal and doesn’t seem to feel the cold even though she is stark naked. Sabine reveals her true intentions. Max and his wolves come to the rescue but not before Sabine bites Avelynn and infects her with the wolf virus.


Loved this book. Just not the ending. I am NOT a lover of cliffhangers but I like this series too much to give up on it because of a cliffhanger.

$2.99 on Kindle

88 pages

The Other Bride (Sold to the Alpha #2) by Cara Wylde

cara wylde

Avelyn and Max join us again in the second part of the Sold to the Alpha series by Cara Wylde.

Avelyn has been at Schloss Blackmane for a week now. It’s getting harder and harder to hold Max off on sex. But she is starting to fall for him more and more. She confides in Christine, the one that keeps her company while Max is gone. Christine understands her worries of not wanting to end up pregnant so she whips up an herbal concoction for Avelyn to add into her daily tea that will act as a contraceptive.

Max trusts Avelyn and allows her out of the room she had been locked in. But he doesn’t trust her to be completely free. She has two people that take turns watching her. They are always close to where she is. But one day she sneaks out past them and goes exploring in the castle and ends up in the dungeons. She finds something that startles her one night and she runs back to the room.

Realizing she’s lost a bracelet that Max gave her, she retraces her steps. She finds it in the dungeons but also talks to the person that was down there. She realizes that this other person was to be a bride of Max’s several years before! Avelyn makes a plan but then isn’t sure she wants to go through with it in the end.


Definitely a good read. I wasn’t expecting the aspect of the bride to figure in the way it did! That part shocked me when I got to it.

99 cents

93 pages

Trapped in a Gilded Cage (Sold to the Alpha #1) by Cara Wylde



Cara Wylde is a new author on the scene. This is her first book and it happens to be the first in a series.

Avelyn was abandoned when she was a baby and given to the Alma Venus boarding school. This school is one of the many who takes young girls and prepares them to become shifter-brides. Each girl is tested and put in a different class. Avelyn is strong-willed, disobedient and self-destructive. She decided at an early age she didn’t want this life. She started to skip classes, tried to run away a few times and she even started eating so much so as to make herself bigger.

The Guardians and the headmistress decided she was a lost cause so they quit bothering with her and let her do what she wants. One day she goes outside instead of attending classes. There she runs into Max Blackmane. He happens to be the second wealthiest and baddest wolf shifter in Europe. He comes to Alma Venus on a whim and ends up choosing four girls for him to interview.

Avelyn tries her best to blow the interview. But it doesn’t work on Max. He’s not sure which girl he wants to go with but he feels attracted to Avelyn for some reason. But he also likes her friend Delyse.


This is a good book. I saw it being shared on Facebook and wanted to read it. So I bought the book and started reading it right away. I like this book because the characters are awesome and relate-able. Avelyn is like so many women today being that she’s strong-willed and has her own set of rules to live by. I HIGHLY recommend this book.


99 cents on Kindle

85 pages