Product Review: Songmics Acrylic Makeup Organizer, 3 pieces


The top picture is the bottom two pieces. (I didn’t separate them for the picture. But it is two pieces.) The bottom picture is the top piece that holds lipsticks, brushes and more.

As you can tell, I don’t use this makeup organizer for a lot of makeup. It works for so many uses. I use mine on my desk and use it for pens, pencils, ink injectors, thermometer, some lipsticks and a few Shopkins. I wanted to use this for nail polish but the holes on top aren’t big enough for most standard bottles of nail polish.

The drawers, even though they look small, aren’t. The two bottom drawers are full drawers that go all the way across. The next three rows are actually 6 drawers. Each drawer is half the size of the large drawers.

I really like that this is made of acrylic. It cleans up easily and it doesn’t break/crack. I’ve had a couple other makeup organizers that definitely aren’t this sturdy and reliable. I would highly recommend this for those that want a reliable makeup organizer or office supply organizer. Lol.

This particular makeup organizer sells for $29.99 on Amazon. I would say that it’s worth it because of the size and because of the sturdiness of it. I have seen smaller makeup organizers sell for more money and they had horrible reviews.

***I received this makeup organizer in exchange for my honest opinion***

Product Review: Portable Clothes Wardrobe by Songmics


This portable wardrobe closet is amazing. My daughter’s room is small and doesn’t have room for a dresser or this wardrobe in it. So it’s in my room and I don’t mind it being there. There are 12 different shelves and one hanging bar.

Having all twelve shelves is awesome. It allows for me to sort her clothes out by long sleeve shirts, shorts, skirts, jeans, leggings/sweat pants, pajamas, tshirts and then one for her socks/underwear. There are a few empty shelves but I’m still working on going through the clothes she had squirreled away so they won’t be empty for long. All I need to do now is get a few fabric bins to put on to use for her sock/s underwear and it’s all ready to go!1

The shelves are very durable. Our cat loves to lay on the shelves and just curl up and bask in the sun. She also likes hiding there because my daughter never checks the wardrobe when she can’t find her. What I really like is that this comes with a dust cover where you can either velcro the sides open of you can zip it shut down the middle. The dust cover is made of a thicker material than the shelves but feels like it could be the same fabric blend. We tend to leave the dust cover open rather than zipping it and un-zipping it when my daughter needs to get her clothes for school.

Assembly is easy as long as you follow the directions. I would have liked a few extra connector pieces to have been included. I had to super glue a couple together because they cracked and there weren’t extra pieces. What I really liked about putting it together, was the parts all slide into place. There are no special tools needed. Everything comes included in the box. By the time it’s put together, it measures 59 inches long, almost 18 inches wide and 69 inches tall. It’s a pretty decent size.

This portable wardrobe can be purchased on Amazon for $44. This is a decent price and a quality product. Like I stated above, the only thing I would change is adding a few extra parts so if something cracks like in my case.

***I received this product at a significant discount in exchange for my honest opinion. All views are my own. I trust you to make your own opinions should you purchase this item.***