Stepbrother Revealed by Stephanie Brother


“Stepbrother Revealed” was a good read.

Sienna HATES flying. She doesn’t like the airplane that she’s on because she thinks it is too rickety. Luckily there isn’t anyone sitting next to her so she won’t be forced to interact with anyone on the flight. Just as the flight attendant was getting ready to shut the door, to Sienna’s dismay, the last person boards. And his seat is right next to her. She is forthright with him and tells him that she’s no good with planes and to leave her alone.

But Chase doesn’t listen. They start talking. They’re both going to the same island. And they’re both attending a wedding. They start talking and Chase asks her on a date. Sienna decides that she is up for some fun for her mini vacation that she’s having. So she says yes. When they get bto the place where Chase is staying, he gives her a few good orgasms.

But then things get weird. People show up early that weren’t supposed to be there until the next day. Sienna leaves and goes to her hotel, resolving the fact that things aren’t going to work out in her favor because they never do. So she pushes Chase out of her mind and gets the shock of a lifetime on that weekend trip!


A good read. But you can see the setup coming. But it’s fun to read and learn how slowly they discover their connection


55 pages on Kindle

Normal Price: 99 cents

I paid: 99 cents