Straight Curves by Christopher Figueroa



The story opens with Bruce. He is a child at this point. But he knows he isn’t straight. He is gay. He has known he was different for a while. His father finds him dressed in his mothers dress one day. He beats him with a belt buckle and then locks him in the shed. He leaves him there for a few days with no food or water. His mom sneaks him some salt crackers one night. His father catches her and adds extra days to his punishment.

He is finally released from the shed. His father continues to be a drunk and abuser. One night Bruce decides to stand against his father. He hits his father in the head with a broom stick which knocks him out long enough for him and his mother to get out of the house. His father is arrested and put in jail.

His mother turns into a drunk, just like his father had been. Instead of abusing him physically, she ignores him. Things go wrong from this point for Bruce for a while. Until one day he meets Chris and things seem to turn around.

What all happens in this 146 page story? Plenty. There is a TON that I’m not writing about in here.


My Personal Opinion:

This was a great book. It gives readers a view into the world of what it’s like to be gay. It also gives you a look that anyone can take advantage of you. I would definitely recommend this book as a must read. It can teach you some lessons whether straight or gay.


$3.25 on Kindle (I got it free)

146 pages