Breaking the Rules (Uniformly Hot!) by Tawny Weber

Breaking the RulesTitle: Breaking the Rules (Uniformly Hot!)

Author: Tawny Weber

Publisher: Harlequin Blaze

Pages: 216

Formats Available: $3.99 Kindle and Starting at $0.01 Mass Market Paperback


I read this book in paperback edition via my grandma. She reads books from the Harlequin Blaze section and then passes them on to me for me to read. I knew this book was going to be good since it had a soldier in it but I didn’t realize just how well I was going to like it!

Max is a Sergeant First Class in the U.S. Army. He’s the leader for his small but great EOD team. While on a mission in Afghanistan, his team is ambushed. Only one person was hurt, his friend Rico. Rico ends up getting a medal while in the hospital. Rico knows that Max is going home on R&R and that he’ll be in the area of his sister and her business. Since Rico is laid up in the hospital, he asks Max to check in on her and make sure she’s doing okay. Max agrees since he thinks it’s his fault he assessed the situation wrong and Rico was laid up with his leg injured.

Fast-forward to Max making it back to the states. Before going home, a place he really loathes, he stops into the gallery where Sophia works to check on her. He ends up chuckling right from the start. Sophia and her assistant are trying to get a huge four foot penis sculpture back into the case that the unloaders thought would be nice to unload. The girls can’t get it and Max manages to wrestle it back into the crate while the assistant calls the movers to come take it back where it came from since they had told the sender they didn’t want it many times before.

Max ends up taking Sophia to the restaurant across the street as her thank you to him for helping them get it packed away again. Max learns that Sophia is the owner of the art gallery and is trying to change the direction after her late husband had made everything go in a sexual direction. She wanted the former glory of the gallery back and was determined to get it back one way or another. But things start going wrong from the start.

Sophia and Max are both attracted to each other. Sophia doesn’t want anything more than a fling which is what Max wants. But things get complicated between them. Things start happening at some of the gallery shows and Max ends up bringing in a few of his Army buddies to run security at a big event. They are both shocked as to who the culprit is and it’s not whom either had suspected before or the reason why they were trying to shut the gallery down.


I enjoyed reading this book. While the characters played war with their emotions, you could really tell what they wanted though. Neither was willing to give up on what they wanted until their hands were forced. Max is definitely a guy I wouldn’t mind having around if he were real. 😉 Sophia is a head-strong character that doesn’t like being bossed around. Max is very stubborn and loves bossing people around but that comes from his military training and his job.

Definitely worth reading if you like HEA (Happily Ever Afters) and romances.

4/5 🌟