Ten Seconds of Crazy by Randileigh Kennedy

Ten Seconds of Crazy

All it takes is ten seconds to change your life. Ten seconds of crazy for yourself. In this case, we’re following Reid and Cassidy. Cassidy is a waitress at a diner, working from 5:30 am until it closes at 3 and then has another job afterwards. On this particular day, Jerry the drunk is still acting live the perv he is. A new man, Reid, is in the diner and asks Cassidy to run away with him. She blows him off and they end up talking after he’s finished his breakfast. When she goes back inside, her fellow waitress and roommate, wants to know why there was a blank check made out to her attached to the bill and what it meant by the note saying freedom. She played dumb.

That night she and her roommate go to the festival and end up running into Reid. The roommate ditches her and she spends a few hours with Reid before heading home. The next morning, after opening the diner, Jerry is back to his stuff again. Cassidy has had enough and tells him to knock it off and her boss, Carl, is actually on Jerry’s side. Cassidy had decided enough is enough and she walks out. Reid is pulling into the diner. She jumps into his red convertible and he takes off. They go river rafting and learn more about each other and the trip that Reid is on.


This book was a fun read. Ten seconds of crazy can change your life in an immeasurable way if you only take those ten seconds up on their offer. Cassidy and Reid are characters that I liked very much. I was rooting for the two of them the entire book. From the moment you meet them, you like them. They could pass as ordinary people you pass out on the street on a daily basis.

Author Randileigh Kennedy was an author that is new to me. I really like her style of writing and how her story progressed. She is definitely an author that I will look out for now. I didn’t notice any misspellings, incorrect grammar or any editing errors in her book. That’s one thing I really liked!


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***I received this book free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.***