Tender by Shai Amit


Tender is a coming of age novel by author Shai Amit. This book follows the night life of New York, Amsterdam and Tel Aviv. It doesn’t clean it up or make it seem more spectacular than what it is. It’s down and dirty and right to the point, describing everything the way it is supposed to be perceived.

The book starts with Eitan taking Arik to a bar. He takes him inside, behind the counter and leaves him there. Arik has no idea what he’s supposed to do and then realizes that he’s supposed to work there. From that moment on, Arik hates Eitan and vows never to talk to him again.

Arik is a bartender. There’s one patron that keeps coming that he is drawn too and can’t explain it. She comes in one night with her friend and he, along with Roy the other bartender, decide they are each taking one of the girls home that night. Without a spoken word, they know who is getting which girl and know that the girls had already decided on who they were going home with as well.


This book is original. Definitely a book to read if you want to learn about the night life in different cities. There are ups and downs all through this book and it will have you questioning your own life by the time you’re done. These characters are everyday people just like you and I. Definitely a book worth reading in my opinion. In this book we learn of the spirit and how one can destroy it themselves and also how to understand our spirits.


372 pages

$3.99 Kindle

I received a copy of this book free in exchange for an honest and unbiased opinion.