Trailer Park Princess (Switching Tracks #1) by Delia Steele


Aurora Wilde is in highschool. Her family (her, her brother and mother) have moved around a lot over the years. And always moving to trailer parks where they have a weekly rate. Carol, her mother, is a drunk and doesn’t really care about anything other than drinking and sex. Aurora, or Rory as she likes to be called, has had to fend off a few men who came after her after her mother passed out on them. She got smart and started putting Benadryl in their beer and they would pass out around the same time her mother did.

Her younger brother is rarely home, always at his best friends house. Which is fine with Aurora since she wants Thaxton no where near Carol and her bad habits.

Aurora is the new girl in school. She has one friend, Amandolette but she goes by Mando. Mando is a hilarious character and can make anyone like her from the first time we meet her in the book. Aurora is bowled over by a football player and he helps her pick her stuff up. His name is Tobias West but goes by Toby. Mando thinks it’s a big deal that he talked to Rory cause he never talks to anyone unless they are in his group.

Toby and Rory end up dating, even though his friends don’t like her. Ashley and her group of “plastics” don’t like Rory and towards the end of the book, we learn why and exactly what had happened to make Ashley the way she is. Let’s just say that Toby’s parents are dicks and leave it at that. (There is no nicer way to say it.)

One night, after Aurora lets her guard down because she’s comfortable at the trailer, she is assaulted by the man her mother brought home. A neighbor heard her scream and luckily, their front door was unlocked. Rome, the neighbor, drags the man off of her and takes her to his house where she’s safe. The next morning he walks her back to her trailer and checks to make sure the man is gone. After that, they become best friends, always hanging out with each other. Thaxton, who is older than Rome’s younger brothers, likes the boys and doesn’t mind being around them and playing with them.

Toby gets jealous even though he has no right to be. On prom night, Mando and Rome go together and Toby goes with Rory. When Rory and Toby leave the prom, they end up at their billboard. Rory doesn’t want to go all the way with Toby but he mistakes her moans as ques to goes ahead so he essentially ends up raping her. She doesn’t let Rome or Mando know because they would both kill him.

It isn’t until a few months later that Mando, Rome and Rory learn that she’s pregnant with Toby’s child. But Toby is leaving and broke up with Rory on the night she missed his and Mando’s graduation. He thought that she was just blowing him off to be with Rome when in reality they were both taking care of her drunk, underage brother who followed the bad example of his mother.


There is so much going on in this book. Above doesn’t even cover half of the book there is that much going on! I love all the characters, except Toby who I tolerated. The characters are people that could pass as everyday people like you and I. I can’t wait to get the next book in this series.


242 pages

$2.99 on Kindle

$0.00 on Promo when I purchased it