Twelve Days (Blackbird #4) by Dahlia Donovan


Twelve Days is the fourth book in the Blackbird series. The first three book reviews can be found: Ivy Natasha Masquerade.

In Twelve Days, we start off on a sad note. We are in Alec’s POV. For those that don’t know, Alec is Ivy’s now deceased first husband who died of pancreatic cancer. The cancer treatments weren’t working. Jezza, Dane and Alicia all know Alec as well. They are celebrating Christmas in October because Alec wants Ivy to be happy and to not give up on life. Dane shaves Alec’s head and decides to shave his own head so he wasn’t alone.

Fast forward to three years later. Ivy is throwing a Christmas party for all of Blackbird Security. Either Steve or Gareth sends out an “invitation” although it’s not really an invitation since they all “have to bloody attend.”

The situation with Rafael was still there and still a threat. Although, with the deaths of his two former associates, he had quieted down some and was biding his time and they all knew it. The question was, when was he going to show his hand and make his next move. With it being the holidays, no one expected him to make a move but then again, Rafael was all about surprises and making a move during the holiday really would surprise them. That’s why someone was always monitoring him so they knew.

Josh is pining for Alicia, Ivy’s best friend. He has left her a couple presents so far and Ivy busts him when he leaves the third one. She does the not so subtle thing of threatening him with death and being buried in Moroccan sands and then lets him know that his presents have cheered up Alicia. When Josh leaves, he goes home and busts Alicia leaving him a note on his door. Through her Uncle Alim, she knew who was leaving the presents for her. Josh takes her inside and reveals to her that he is a panther shifter. Alicia decides she needs time to think about it and leaves in a hasty retreat and Josh lets her go.

New couples are popping up all over the place. Or at least the start of some new couples: Elaine and Alim, Carl and Judy, Dane and Tabatha? This all happens in the first few days of the Twelve Days before Christmas!


Dahlia Donovan was a new to me author when I found Ivy. I liked it and went on to read Natasha and Masquerade. I then purchased Twelve Days and also have the fifth book, Alicia, which will be reviewed tomorrow. I have enjoyed reading each of her books and I don’t see that changing. The characters, aside from some being shifters, are as diverse and normal as everyday people which I like. These are some good books and I would recommend them to fellow readers.

Happy Birthday to Dahlia. Hope you’re having a great day today.


86 pages

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