Twisted (The Hidden Alpha #1) by Cara Wylde


The Hidden Alpha series follows Amelia. If you’ve read the Sold to the Alpha series which features Avelyn and Max, then you’ve already met Amelia and know that she’s quite difficult. Though not her own fault really. She does prove to be Avelyn’s friend and helps her escape the boarding school, Alma Venus, the night that she is bought by Max Blackmane.

In this series, Seth comes to Alma Venus and goes through the entire book of the fox brides before having Amelia come in. She was worried because her name is in the first few pages of the book but she was called in last, after every other fox bride. Seth puts her through all the tests and questions and decides that she’s the right person for Blake, the next in line Inari, or alpha. He purchases her and they begin the long flight to Alaska, her new home.

But things get really complicated very quickly. Between Seth, Blake and Amelia.


I just, I really can’t believe I just read what I read! I was NOT expecting that last twist in there at all. I really wasn’t. The author, Cara Wylde, definitely snuck that in and I’m sure everyone who reads this book will be shocked by the revelations at the end. I am so glad that this is a trilogy and there are two more books to come. This book leaves off at a HUGE cliffhanger. Normally with cliffhangers, I don’t continue to read the series cause that’s one of my pet peeves but with Cara Wylde, I think I’ll let it slide. 😉


This book is $2.99 on Kindle and free with Kindle Unlimited.

83 pages

(I received this book in PDF format.)