Reign of Blood (Reign of Blood #1) by Alexia Purdy

reign of blood

What can I say? I love fantasy books, especially if they are about vampires or werewolves. This one is about vampires.

A virus breaks out in the US first and pretty much wipes out the human population. There are the humans who seem immune to being turned, the feral vampires and then the hybrid vampires. But April, her mom and younger brother didn’t know about the hybrids at first.

They stay in a cabin and bunker in the mountains of Las Vegas. They go to the city on runs when they need something. Jeremy only being 6 they take with them reluctantly. They can’t leave him by himself at the cabin in case something happens to both of them.

They go on a raid one day for food and other supplies. Her mom drops her off at a sporting goods store and a pharmacy and tells her to meet them at the supermarket which is their normal meeting place. April goes through both stores and gets what they need before heading to the supermarket. She secures the market making sure there aren’t any feral vampires inside.

When she walks outside, she realizes the van is in the lot and sees blood on it. She knows something is wrong. She looks for them as long as she can before heading back to the cabin/bunker for the night. She spends several days looking for them before getting herself in a bind. A hybrid named Miranda had been watching her and helps her out and takes her back to the base camp of other hybrid vampires.

Does April help them find a cure for vampirism? Does she get her family back? Does she find someone she recognizes at the compound? Is she able to be turned into a vampire? What all happens after being taken to the hybrid base camp? Get your copy to find out now!

99 cents.

319 pages

A Hunger for Darkness by Cooper Flynn


Kenzie is a hunter. A vampire hunter. She works for an organization called Center. This Center adopts orphans and sends them to a special private school. Only the emotionally strong, the ones that show NO emotion, are allowed to keep going and to become a hunter.

Kenzie is out hunting one of the oldest vampires, Gabriel Sands. He is 400 years old and knows how to protect himself. Gabriel takes her down and bites her. The bite alone doesn’t change someone into a vampire. They hear feet hitting the ground behind them and Gabriel takes off as Kenzie blacks out. 

She comes to in a room at the Center. She is strapped down to a gurney and is kept that way. She is now one of the things they hate and hunt. The director and Joshua, her ex, are in the room with her. They have a discussion and then leave the room with Kenzie left behind.

What happens after this point in the book? It’s pretty close to the beginning so there is a TON of action and adventure that goes on not even touched in this review.

I will say, I commend authors for taking the time to write their books. However, I just wish that some of them had editors or paid more attention to their work. This book has grammar issues as well as spelling and punctuation. I know I’m not the most grammatically correct person in the world but it irritates me when I am reading something and have to decipher what someone means. There are added words, dropped words, sentences within sentences and so on.

If you can ignore these issues, it is a good read.


150 pages

Breed of Innocence (The Breed Chronicles #1) by Lanie Jordan



Jade is a sixteen year old female who is living in a group home. Two years before her mother and brother were killed in what she thought was a demon attack. But the police didn’t believe her. Their killer has never been found and the police have never even looked for the killer.

One night, Jade’s presence is requested in the front hall of the group home. After a warning not to talk made by the caretaker, Jade and the two men go outside. Instead of stopping, Jade keeps running. One of the men takes her down and she gets the upper edge on him. As she reaches the end of the drive, a black SUV pulls up and she requests a ride before even seeing who was inside. Inside was one of the men who had diverted from chasing her to go get the vehicle. There was also another man inside that she hadn’t seen before.

The man makes Jade a proposition. A potential job opportunity if you will. Come to the CGE and train with others to hunt and contain threats. Not just any threats, but demonic ones. Jade accepts the offer and her time there doesn’t start off well but it’s not entirely her fault. Things happen and Jade is endangered a few times, though she pulls through, just barely.

But then another attack happens. And Jade is seriously injured. They aren’t sure if she’ll make it through or not. Linc, one of the P1’s who has befriended her, won’t let her out of his sight. He sneaks into the infirmary to see her and doesn’t care if he gets in trouble or not.


I really liked this book. I started reading it last night and finished it up today. This book has it all. Action, adventure, thrills, an air of mystery, a hint of romance and of course that paranormal/fantasy aspect as well. This book held it all or me. I was glued from the first page to the last and can’t wait to get the next book in the series. I highly recommend this book.

I’ve not read any other books by Lanie Jordan so she was a new author to me and I really enjoyed it. If you get the book, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Received free on promo. 99 cents at the time of this posting.

286 pages