Product Review: Jungle Room Wall Decor 5 Pieces


These pictures really do the wall decor no justice. They are so much cuter in person. Each piece of wall decor comes with a 3D element and with glitter on it. These pieces are great sizes. The lion is roughly 9×11.IMG_20151202_223642650

The two butterflies, one mainly pink and the other mainly purple, are 11×9. The colors on each piece are really vibrant and stand out well. The colors mix together and don’t clash like some children’s wall decor I’ve seen before.IMG_20151202_223615070

The zebra, which I think is the cutest piece, is 10×10. IMG_20151202_223553430

The money is roughly 9.5×10.5. He’s my second favorite and my daughter’s third favorite after the two butterflies.IMG_20151202_223521193

This 5 piece wall decor set is perfect for a boy or girls room. Each piece has several adhesive spots on them to adhere it to the wall. They are re-positional and reusable.

This set can be purchased for $19.96 on Amazon.

***I received this product free in exchange for my opinion on them.***