Hell Spawn (Shifter Squad #9) by J.C. Diem

Hell Spawn


Hell Spawn is the ninth and final book in the Shifter Squad series by author J.C. Diem. This book is what all the others have been leading up too. This book is definitely more somber than the others but it needed to be.

Lexi, Reece, Kala, Flynn and the rest of the people they know, came into contact with, rescued and even all of humanity need to come together in order for their world to be saved. Kurt Jorgen makes it impossible for the humans to not know about the supernatural community after he starts his attacks. He wipes out several towns. Before long he’s taken out half a million people.

Lexi, Reece and the rest of their team try to stop Kurt and his minions. Lexi is actually able to surprise Kurt and wring his neck, effectively killing him. Only thing is, he doesn’t stay dead. None of them had a way of knowing that he was immortal just as she and her team were. Lexi retreats with the Oracles help and they come up with another plan. They call on ALL the resources they’ve come across. Cole, Bruce, Aiden, Leanne, the Oracle, and yes, even Nina’s pack. Shifters have a tendency to fight when they’re around rival packs.

Lexi has to take over their minds as the supreme alpha shifter and instill an order not to attack each other. Since she and Reece are the supreme alpha shifter couple, no one can resist them. Lexi leaves Reece, Flynn and Kala out of her orders. On one of their missions, her father, Philip Levine, is grabbed by the griffin golem and taken into the air. She does the only thing she can think of to save him. She makes him into an immortal just like Zeus is. He doesn’t seem to like it at first but gets used to it.


I didn’t think the author could outdo themselves compared to previous books. Man was I wrong. I absolutely loved this book. I’m sad it’s the end of the series…especially with how it ended. Hopefully the new series coming out in May is a spin off of this series and we get to read more, maybe from a different Champions POV, possibly?

This book had me crying at parts. There really were no happy moments in this book unless you count Kala killing a certain member they’d all wanted to kill a long time, and I’m not talking about Kurt Jorgen! 😀 This book will have you glued to the pages from beginning to end, not wanting to do anything else until you finish it. I couldn’t believe some of the things that were in here but it made an awesome read. Highly recommend this series!


239 pages

$3.99 on Kindle

**I purchased this book for $3.99 using promo credits**

Alpha Breed: Werewolf Bikers by Amanda Close

Alpha Breed

2/5 🌟

Author Amanda Close is a new to me author. I came across this book being advertised as free in one of the many Facebook Book groups that I’m in. The title grabbed my attention and the cover drew me in so I purchased this book.

Brienne is a nineteen year old college student. She has a boyfriend back home in Macon, Georgia but decides she isn’t going to worry about him while at school. During summer break, she kept having these vivid dreams and would wake up horny as heck and would jump her boyfriends bones. After a month or so he got used to it. Then she went off to school and her dreams have settled down.

She’s at a frat party one night with her friends when a group of bikers pull up on their motorcycles. Brienne and two of her friends are searched out and go with them. They ride on the motorcycles for over an hour before pulling into a camping spot. Brienne and her friends are among two different motorcycle groups.

Roland and Arn fight each other until one can’t fight anymore for the right to claim Brienne. Roland wins that first fight but there are more to come down the road.


This story is only 47 pages long so it’s a rather short read. I felt like it was too rushed and the author couldn’t wait to get this story over with. I feel there was so much potential to this story but the author didn’t want to have any of the potential touched on. I didn’t really feel the characters were realistic.

Normal price for this book is $2.99 for Prime members and free with Kindle Unlimited. Honestly, had I paid $2.99 for this book, I would have returned it and gotten my money back. I am glad I got it while it was free as I wasn’t out any money, only some time.

Please note I trust you to make your own decisions about this book. The opinions specified in this review are mine and mine alone. If you’ve read this book, please feel free to comment your likes/dislikes.


47 pages

$2.99 Kindle

Free on KU

***I purchased this book free while on promotion***

Monsterland by Michael Phillip Cash


This book was ah-freaking-mazing. The way it ends, it leaves it open to make it into a series and I really wish the author would! There are so many unanswered questions and not enough answers! This book contains action, adventure, horror, zombies, vampires and werewolves. A great read for sure.


Description on back of book:

The Scariest Place on Earth

All guests can interact with real vampires in Vampire Village, be chased by actual werewolves on the River Run, and walk among the dead in Zombieville.

Wyatt, Melvin and Howard, three unpopular high school friends are stuck in Copper Valley, California. Nerdy Howard is oblivious to social cues, Melvin is an oddball outcast, and Wyatt is in love with the unattainable Jade- the most popular girl in school.

Due to a fortuitous circumstance, they are invited tot he star-studded opening of Monsterland. In a theme park full of real vampires, werewolves and zombies, what could possibly go wrong?


The answer to the question posed in the description is A LOT. And I mean a lot. I started reading this book last night and made it to chapter 19 before crashing and finished the rest today. I just can’t even process what I’ve just read! lol. I wish it was longer. I felt it was too short and could have been longer.

I do like this author. I hadn’t read his works before but I was given this book and since it’s one of my favorite genres, I decided to give it a chance. I am glad I did. Vampires, zombies and werewolves in one book! My dream come true! The characters are likable (most of them anyways). The author uses such descriptive details that you can actually image everything happening as you’re reading.

A Wolf’s Embrace (Alpha Lust #1) by Ashley Spector

alpha lust

Celia learned of her father’s death. Her mother forbade her from returning to her hometown for the funeral. Celia didn’t listen and returned anyways, lying to her mother saying she was going to stay with a friend and concocted a cover story with her friend.

After the funeral, when everyone was milling around the funeral home, a set of strong hands clamp down on her shoulders and they feel strangely familiar to her. She turns around and sees her childhood friend and boyfriend, Gray standing there. And he doesn’t look too pleased about her being there. They end up getting into a fight after her grandmother and the other attendees leave.

Gray wants her to leave. Says she never should have returned. That her mother had assured him that she would never return. That she had agreed to stay away. This only ends up making Celia seriously mad. She ends up at one of the three bars in town where she runs into Herman, her father’s friend. His son, Corey comes in a while later.

Corey and Celia end up having a fling that night. Gray finds her a couple days later at her grandmothers house and is PISSED about something that Corey did to her. He storms out of the house and returns later only to kidnap her and take her away.

What happened to make Celia leave her hometown? Why didn’t Gray want her to come back? What did Corey do to her? Why does Gray kidnap her?



This was a good erotic story. It will definitely get you turned on while reading it!


Free on Kindle

41 pages

The Gathering: Killian and Lyra (The Gathering #1) by Ellis Leigh


Lyra is a female wolf with the Bloodstone pack. Their alpha has kicked out many un-mated males from the pack. He chose three females, including Lyra, to be part of his winter bed mates. She is disgusted with him. But by being with him, she was invited to a gathering of wolves.

Killian O’Shea is the alpha wolf from a pack in North Carolina. He hates going to these things but it’s been two decades since anyone from his pack has mated. So he chooses a group of men and women from his pack to take with him.

When he is introduced, he stalks into the room. His eyes are immediately drawn to Lyra. He and his wolf immediately know that she is their mate just like she recognizes it. But her alpha is a dick,to put it nicely. He refuses to let Lyra go with Killian as he has the right to keep her for two days after a mate claim is made.

Unfortunately for him, Killian is NOT going to wait those two days. Or is he?


This was a nice short book. This is a first read for me by Ellis Leigh. If only Killian was a real person. That’s all I will say. (Lol) This is a good book. There is not shifting in it which is unusual for these kinds of books but refreshing at the same time.


Received free on promo. Still free at the time of this posting

42 pages

Owned by the Alphas #1 by Faleena Hopkins


Ali decided to go on a spur of the moment mini vacation to Yosemite National Park. But, Ali being Ali, gets lost. She wanders off the trails and has been walking for hours on end, only succeeding in getting herself lost more than what she already was.

She stops when she hears a noise and swears that someone is watching her. That’s when a NAKED man steps out from behind a tree and startles her. Her feet feel like quicksand and she can’t move. She looks at the man and thinks of him as a god. He walks towards her.

He offers to take her back to civilization and starts to but then he finds her intriguing. Does this man take her back to civilization? Does he decide to kidnap her? What is something major that I’m leaving out of this? You’ll just have to read it to find out.

This book isn’t real long at only 60ish pages. It’s a quick read. I got this while it was free on promo on Amazon. (I’d say about 98% of the almost 7800 books I have on the Kindle app are free.)